Drake Medox Health Services is a growing and vibrant community health services organization.

About Us

Our Mission

Drake Medox has been serving communities across Canada since 1971. We provide a full range of nursing and home support services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide service to our clients in many different forms: hospitals, government home care programs, community care facilities, health clinics, private homes and businesses. Our motto is to provide service to our clients wherever they need us to be.

After 35 years of experience in healthcare, we pride ourselves on being an innovator in meeting the healthcare needs of people at home. We work in full co-operation with government programs, the medical profession and the client's community health team to produce effective health care solutions for our clients.

We consider each client a unique individual with specific health care needs and issues requiring varying degrees of health care service. We believe one of our primary roles is to provide one-on-one care specifically tailored to meet each client's unique needs. We have many levels of health care professionals, ready to assist each client, offering a variety of high standard services to adults and children. To guarantee client quality care, all of our custom home care programs are supervised by an experienced licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.

Our supervisors and nurses work directly with the client, their family and all medical support staff to ensure our services suit the client's unique needs. Due to our specially tailored health services, we are able to service a diverse range of multi-ethnic clients and provide assistance in a manner that complements multicultural diversity.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional, high quality, medical health service assistance. To guarantee excellent health service, we will only hire applicants who have passed our rigid screening, training and accreditation requirements. Staff is selected based on their experience, skills and sensitivity to our client's needs. With our staff, we not only follow-up clinical performance, but attitude, cooperation and dependability as well.(top)

At Drake Medox , "We create opportunities to enhance daily living".


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